Becoming a Better Student in 30 Days

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Is this course right for you?

  1. Do you spend valuable time studying with meager results?
  2. Do you constantly lose focus when taking notes or studying?
  3. Do you frequently sit in front of a blank page with nothing to write or type?
  4. Do you carefully read everything but you still don’t understand?
  5. Does your brain constantly shift from one thought to another?
  6. Are you frustrated by the sheer amount of information.?
  7. Do you hate learning?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above statements

This course is designed for you

I help struggling adult learners become better students by overcoming their fear of learning.

Trying harder is not always the answer. You can waste time and money using traditional learning methods that may not match the way you actually learn. Do you want to invest your time and energy into proven learning tools that can help you achieve your goals?

You will explore learning tools in these five key areas:



Study Skills




Why this course?

Over the years, I have especially enjoyed working with adults with disabilities who have chosen to go back to school to pursue their dreams. They have such a passion and drive.

Many students have never heard of the tools that I share in this course. They are so thankful and appreciative to learn that learning supports make their educational journey easier.

I want everyone to know that even though they struggle with limitations, they can overcome barriers and suceed.

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I can help you become a better student. This course contains three modules to help you explore and determine your preferred learning style and identify learning tools for educational success.